Kryolan Kajal Pencil Nude Review Swatches & Tips!

I'd been in search of a Nude kohl pencil for a long long time,you know for the whole spiel of bigger brighter fresher eyes. After a Herculean search of almost all brands I finally spotted a nude Kohl pencil in Kryolan (I know MC makes it, but I was loathe to fork out 1000 bucks for a pencil I'll rarely use!)
I picked it during my last Kryolan Haul-Click here to read more about my Haul Let's find out if Kryolan Nude Kajal delivered.
12 cm pencil costs INR 175/- The texture is extremely emollient and creamy & the shade isn't nude but more bone colored.

The pencil is made of cedarwood and can be sharpened using any standard double cavity sharpner
The pencil is extremely soft and creamy I just touched it on my skin and the tip bent completely out of shape. Now this is when Summers haven't hit Delhi yet I can only imagine what would happen to this poor fella in 46 degrees heat!! Highly recommend you store this in fridge
Single swipe, the shade looks more creamy white than nude on skin.
Its extremely smudgy and blendable, I have barely touched the swatch and it smudged like this.I tried this out on my waterline and within minutes I was looking like an Albino panda with white rims of kohl smudged under my eyes!!
It blends out great, now blend ability is great but not in kajal pencil.
I have used it as a highlighter and as a base for my lghter color shadows, it can be decent substitute for NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk as a eyeshadow base. The nude shade imparts a more natural look to the eyelids for applying light colored eyeshadows.It doesn't extend the lasting power of my eyeshadows much, I still need an eyeshadow base to make them last.
Overall Thoughts- Kryolan Kajal pencil smudges like crazy, these are good if your looking for a sexy messy look but won;t last more than 10 mins on your waterline,lashline.This can work great as an eyeshadow base, but not as a Kajal Pencil. My recommendation Skip It unless you are looking for a nude eyeshadow base or nude pencil highlighter.

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